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6 workflow advantages to help you tackle automation hesitation.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Take a few minutes and think about the following questions:  

  • Are most of your current processes driven by paper?
  • Do you find redundancy in information? 
  • Are there often mistakes due to human error? 
  • Do you find processes to be inefficient or take longer than they should? 
  • Do data access challenges prevent you from providing excellent customer service?  

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to look into a workflow automation solution. Today, businesses are expected to adapt faster to market changes, work more efficiently and access

6 workflow advantages to help you tackle automation hesitation_hand signaccurate data quickly. Paper processes are often outdated, inefficient and make it difficult to stay agile.Think about it—there is always that step in a paper process that seems to bottleneck. Or that one task that takes longer than it should. Workflow solutions give more visibility into processes, so you can find the inefficiencies and resolve issues faster. All of which can help give you a competitive edge. And that’s not all—here are six more not-so-obvious benefits. 

1. Track Progress

Through automation, users can easily track and view the status of projects and processes. This means that those areas where there are typically bottlenecks can be addressed and streamlined. 


2. Enforce Standards

If your industry deals with high levels of government regulation, automating your workflows can make it easier to build those standards into the system and ensure compliance throughout the process. 


3. Deal with High Volumes of Work

Because most automation solutions enable work to get done faster, your organization can increase its workload capacity.


6 workflow advantages to help you tackle automation hesitation_street4. Go Mobile

Employees can easily access work on the go, often simultaneously from various locations. That means employees can prep for a big meeting the night before or work offsite—something that is becoming more of a rule than an exception.


5. Improve Customer Service

Faster, more accurate access to data means higher customer satisfaction. Customers don’t have to spend more time than necessary working out an issue or getting a question answered.


6. Increase Employee Confidence

When processes are more streamlined and there is less room for error, employees can feel confident in the quality of work they are producing. When two-thirds of today’s employees feel overwhelmed, giving them the tools to do great work can boost their engagement.1


If you’ve ever second-guessed implementing a workflow automation solution, think again. The advantages it can bring your organization far outweigh any reason that would stop you.


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1. Fermin, Jeff. “13 Disturbing Facts About Employee Engagement [Infographic].” Huffington Post, January 2015.


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