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Connecting to the Future of Work

Creating a more versatile, secure document ecosystem—a look at ConnectKeyTM and how industry-leading partners helped with some key components

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Check out your smartphone or tablet. Chances are it’s filled with apps that you’ve chosen to make your own work or life easier.Connecting infographic(1)

You select from a variety of devices with the size, features and functionality you need. You add or even create apps specifically designed for the things you and your team want to do. And take comfort in the knowledge that if you change devices in the future, you won’t have to learn a new operating system. The familiar platform will be waiting for you on the next generation.

Now imagine everyone in your organization is having the same smooth experience with devices throughout your enterprise. The possibilities for productivity and innovation are exciting.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if today’s office equipment worked more like mobile devices? You choose an operating system you like—one that’s intuitive to use, open to best-in-class developers, yet secure on your network.

Collaborative approach adds secure components to versatile platform
More than two years ago, a team of engineers in Webster, New York, saw the need for an office equipment operating system similar to the user-friendly, consistent and updatable models in the mobile space.

They booked a large, somewhat drab conference room with a lot of whiteboards and cables, turned off their laptops for two straight hours, set aside all their preconceptions about engine speed and image quality, and put an important question on the table:

What could we do that would make an office worker’s job simpler?

By examining how people actually got their work done and asking them what would make the process simpler, the engineers determined it was not the machines themselves but the functionality under the hood that could make all the difference. And the outcome is called Xerox ConnectKey. It’s a software platform that transcends the speeds, feeds and functionality of any individual multifunction printer to provide smooth, digital workflow and infinite work process customization possibilities.

Of course, greater network integration means increased security considerations.

According to Rick Dastin, president of the Office and Solutions Business Group at Xerox, when his team set out, they quickly realized that in order to deliver industry-leading security within their new software platform, they would need to partner with industry leaders.

“Let’s face it, printers have always been peripheral to the network. With the right software platform and the right partners, we can be integral,” explains Dastin.

Three layers of information protection
Drawn to McAfee® for its proven track record and industry leadership, and Cisco® for its impressive Cisco TrustSec® network security, compliance and control expertise, Xerox established a new security paradigm.

Gears 1In addition to a long list of customizable workflow and document management functionality made possible by the platform, Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printers are also able to protect themselves from security threats right out of the box using three important layers of protection:

1. Encryption. Documents are encrypted coming in and going out.

2. Whitelisting. McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures that only safe, pre-approved system files run on your devices.

3. Purging. ConnectKey multifunction printers ensure that cached documents and image files are purged so they cannot be illegally accessed at a later time.

Simply put, it’s security from start to finish.

Way beyond printing
For anyone who still thinks multifunction printers are just for printing and copying, Xerox ConnectKey will change their perception.

With one-touch scanning, users can transfer work-related documents wherever they need to go for the next step in the process—including cloud-based archives such as SharePoint®, Google Docs or DropBoxTM. And those documents are easy for colleagues to find in a hurry, because they’re searchable PDFs, Word documents or other formats. And with its open API system, customers or developers can create simple applications that require no middleware or additional software.

For instance, one insurance company that routinely processes policy applications was able to reduce the paper-based process from 13 steps to four, saving hours and sometimes days of time. Processing policies is a big part of what insurers do, so saving a few steps can have a major bottom-line impact.

Through solutions like Xerox ConnectKey, we can all work smarter and have a few extra minutes to focus on what we’re really there to do—innovate. And the future is especially bright when industry leaders team up to make workplace life more secure.

Watch the quick video about data security and how Xerox and McAfee can help combat data breaches.

Learn more about ConnectKey and what it can do for your organization.


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