• 6 Ways to Create an Agile Company Culture

    Agility is a company affair. To have a truly agile corporate culture, everyone in the organization must be committed to its principles for it to be effective. And the one factor that was a must across multiple agile corporations—executive sponsorship

  • Agility In Action: How Four Brands Are Using Agile Marketing

    Social media has made agile marketing a must for most brands, including Xerox. It requires them to respond and react in real time to events, conversations and their customers—much different than a traditional marketing approach. Read on to learn abou

  • You, Too, Can Move Your Company Into the Cloud

    If the thought of moving your company to the cloud feels overwhelming, just think, if the United States Navy can do it, so can your organization. After all, moving 1,400 systems and 7,000 applications to serve 500,000 employees to the cloud is no sma

  • The Expanding Use of Free and Open Source Systems in Higher Education

    Open-source learning management platforms are becoming more prevalent among higher education institutions as they realize the benefits. Many of these benefits are related to cost-effectiveness, especially when it comes to free distribution among stud

  • Virtual simple@work

    Based on the blockbuster Xerox event held in March, Virtual simple@work gives you the opportunity to access videos, downloadable resources and view event highlights, including keynote speeches and customer panels that over 800 guests enjoyed live. Re

  • Data set to grow 10-fold by 2020 as internet of things takes off

    There is no doubt about it, the amount of data is growing at a rate faster than ever. In the next six years alone, it’s expected to increase tenfold. As the internet matures, 60 percent of its data is produced in sophisticated markets like Germany, t

  • Why Failure Is Critical for Innovation

    (3:25) Steve Hoover, CEO, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, explains why being open to failure and rewarding it are common attributes of highly innovative cultures.

  • Ready, Willing and Agile

    Jim Joyce, Xerox Senior Vice President, talks about the way converging technologies are bringing new agility to the workplace, its workers and the world at large.

  • About Face: Companies That Reinvented Themselves

    If anything is certain in these ever-changing days, it’s that businesses have to rethink and reinvent themselves to keep up with the changing environment. They have to reconsider their approaches to their flagship products and how they fit into the l

  • CIO = Chief INNOVATION Officer

    When CEOs talk growth, this is an opportunity for CIOs to add value and demonstrate executive level leadership. Because these days, innovation and technology are often synonymous with each other. And as technology drives innovation, CIOs can take the

  • How Innovative Technology Keeps Riverside Reinventing

    Living and breathing innovation in a city built on growth and change.