• Workflow Issue

    Faster. Smarter. Better. Today, that’s how every employee, every process and every organization should work. Another way of saying it? Workflow automation. This issue of Chief Optimist takes a look at the technology available that can help you

  • [Infographic] The Automated States of America: Transforming the Future of Government IT

    Eliminating 100 million hours of citizen paperwork. Reducing backlogs by 70 percent. Cutting 99.9 percent of admin costs. Sounds like the fantasy of every government IT worker, right? In actuality, these are the real benefits of automation being real

  • When You Clean Up Your Digital Spaghetti, Anything Is Possible

    (1:07) Companies now have reams of data, thousands of processes and limitless potential. But before you realize that potential, you’ll need to clean up your “digital spaghetti,” as author and researcher Dr. George Westerman puts it.;

  • Transform Into a Digital Master

    (0:50) Dr. George Westerman, author and innovation researcher, discusses rethinking assumptions and taking risks in order to become a Digital Master.;

  • 6 workflow advantages to help you tackle automation hesitation.

    If you're experiencing "automation hesitation," take a look at these benefits of improving workflows.

  • The automated life: Make 24 hours feel like 25

    Check out these apps and tools that can help you get more done in 24 hours.

  • What Government Agencies Can Learn From the Private Sector

    Government agencies might not be so different from the private sector after all. With both looking for ways to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and mitigate risk, the latter has practices in place that government agencies can learn from. Here

  • InfoTrends Analysis: “Managed IT Infrastructure: Managed Print Services”

    InfoTrends recently came out with their “Managed IT Infrastructure: Managed Print Services” analysis. See how different vendors stack up, and which might be the best fit for your organization.

  • How Managed Print Services Accelerates Business Process Digitization

    There’s no doubt that many organizations have successfully made the transition to digital workflows. However, others still struggle to integrate paper and digital information. Quocirca found that those most confident in their digitization initiatives

  • Can Argonaut Project Make Exchanging Health Data Easier?

    The Argonaut Project has one big goal—to make health data-sharing easier by using internet-based open messaging and documents standards instead of complex, healthcare-specific ones. Announced in December 2014, it proposes to use an expansion of Fast

  • Clearing the Health-Records Hurdle

    As the Ebola virus sent shockwaves through the healthcare community across the country, it got policymakers thinking about the importance of information sharing via electronic health records. In a public health crisis like the Ebola outbreak, having

  • Federal IT Leaders Seek Support from Developers for EHR Adoption

    Blue Button, an initiative administered by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) within the Department of Health and Human Services, allows consumers to get hold of a digital copy of their health records through participating gro

  • Google: We'll Make You Smarter ... If You Share Your Data

    What if instead of you asking Google to search for something, it helped you anticipate and made you smarter? It’s possible. In the near future, Google will transform from a search engine to your own personal assistant. The biggest catch would be the

  • The Smart Cities of the Future are Already Here

    Remember how far in the future The Jetsons seemed? Read how the future of smart cities is happening right now.

  • Five Ways Natural Language Technology Can Improve Healthcare

    Every day, the information in medical documents grows larger and larger. There are heaping piles of scientific publications, clinical guidelines, reports on clinical trials, patient records, clinical notes and so much more. However, when it comes to

  • Data-Driven Personalization: Its Time Has Come

    The most important benefit of personalization? Increasing customer loyalty. Although the idea of targeting individuals with the products and services they uniquely need is decades old, it doesn’t mean it isn’t something that should still be pursued.

  • Four Simple Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

    Implementing green practices within your business does more than save trees. Sustainability can also make your company more efficient, cut costs and improve your employees’ productivity—and they’re paying attention. Employees who think their employer

  • CIO's Real Boss: The Customer

    Never before have customers interacted with businesses more than they do now. Likewise, businesses are reaching out to customers and fostering relationships with them in ways that they have never been able to before. Because of this new landscape, CI

  • Transforming Document Management: Past, Present and Future

    It used to be filing papers. Then electronic files. Now document management has evolved into content management, which is not just taking papers and replicating them into an electronic format. Content management is a flow of information that aligns t

  • The Technology Behind the Las Vegas Magic of Cirque du Soleil

    There is no doubt about it, Cirque du Soleil shows are certainly magical. So what’s behind it all? Especially The Beatles Love—a show that perfectly balances the physical performances of aerialists, acrobats, trapeze artists, dancers and even clowns

  • EHR Incentives Climb to $19B

    As of December 31, 2013, Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentives rose to nineteen billion with 88 percent of eligible hospitals having received an incentive payment. These results are impressive, especially because it was predicted payouts would be

  • How IT Can Support Student Recruitment (and Why It Should)

    IT can play a vital role in supporting recruitment efforts by leveraging new trends and technologies. Make sure your college or university is taking full advantage of IT's capabilities.

  • 5 Ways Technology Will Improve Your Commute

    Can you imagine a day when driving around and around to find a parking spot is long gone? Just a swipe and a tap on your smartphone will be all it takes to find and pay for the perfect parking spot. That day isn’t too far away. Many cities across the

  • The Future of Work

    (9:37) See how the workplace is changing and what’s next for organizations looking to stay ahead in this exclusive interview with Fortune magazine and Mike Zimmer, President of Large Enterprise Operations—U.S. at Xerox.

  • How is the City of Aurora realizing huge savings?

    (1:41) The city is putting less paper through the shredder and more money towards constituents. Rick Mapes, IT Client Services Manager for the City of Aurora, explains.;

  • How One College is Improving Processes

    (0:36) Chris Swezey, Director of Auxiliary Services at Berklee College of Music, explains.;

  • Delivering a Higher Standard of Education

    Why Berklee College of Music is putting students first, thinking creatively and partnering up.

  • New Ways to Connect to Patients, Without Paper

    Innovations that make paying healthcare bills easier for patients and better for you.

  • Business Innovations Keep People (and Hospitals) Healthier

    Surprising ways to eliminate costs and waste from your healthcare workflow